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The School of Industrial and Fine Arts (MTSIFA) is one of the academic units constituting Makerere University.  The top management of MTSIFA, includes the Dean, Deputy Dean and Heads of Department.  There are three Departments; Industrial Art and Design, Painting and Art History, and Sculpture and Drawing. Over 44 members of academic staff run the Bachelor of Industrial and Fine Arts Programme.  They are assisted by support staff was include the Registrar, Personal Secretary, More...

Freshers' Orientation Week: Sat 11th August - Friday 17th August, 2008  (7 days)
Semester One: Sat 18th August, 2008 - Sat 15th Dec. 2008 (17 weeks)
Semester 1 Vacation:Sat 15th Dec., 2008 -1st Feb. 2009 (7 weeks)
  Semester Two: Sat 2nd February  - Sat 31st May, 2009 (17 weeks)
Recess Term: Sat 31st May - Sat 9th August, 2009
Semester II Vacation: Saturday 31st May, 2009 - Saturday 16th August, 2009
University Examinations are conducted in the last two weeks of each Semester.
Students are organized under Makerere University Fine Arts Students Association (MUFASA).  This association functions as a link between students and the administration. 

Study trips, Social events, workshops,etc are organized and conducted with this student body working in partnership with MTSIFA staff and administration.

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    This year has witnessed a turning point in the literary documentation of events taking place at MTSIFA. After a literary dry spell lasting close to four and a half decades, the school has finally come up with a quarterly publication under the name Reflections. More...
    Visit our gallery for the monthly exhibitions by various artist. More...

    Built in November 1968, houses an extensive permanent collection of the School of Fine Art that provides examples documenting the growth of unique visual art in the region. Most of the East African prominent artists are associated with it.
    For more information visit the gallery website:

                 Sculpture by Peterson Lombe 1960s
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