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The Department is one of the oldest since the inception of the Art School. Margaret Trowell started with painting and hence formed the backbone of the school.
The painting department targets to develop the aesthetic, intellectual, and practical skills of student artist, who will be useful to himself for economic sustainability, the academic world and community at large.

The Art History and Painting Department prepares its students by developing strong visual skills, keen critical reasoning and a broad historical and social overview so that they may engage in an individual search for meaning and representation in the broader culture. The department recognizes that art originates as a tentative concept that takes form as artists clarify their ideas by investigating possibilities. It encourages the freedom and discipline necessary for this process by offering flexible programs, a favorable working environment and a committed faculty with a wide range of aesthetic attitudes. All of these elements, combined with the acitve involvement of peers, create a supportive atmosphere.

Thecourse begins with courses in basic concepts and techniques. Skill development continues into the undergraduate year with the cultivation of content and meaning. Postgraduate, as you gain increasing control over the direction of your work and your thought processes, you are required to produce an independently conceived project subject to evaluation by the painting faculty, your peers and outside critics.
"MBALE" Painting by Banadda Godfrey

Painting by Barigye Ivan

Aims and Objectives:

    • To strengthen existing courses through continued research and art exhibition
    • To provide consultancy on art related issues
    • To create linkages with other universities through exchange programmes
    • To produce specialised art graduates



1 Professor, 2 Senior lecturers, 6 Lecturers, 2 Assistant Lecturers, 1 Studio Assistant, 1 Copy typist


Workshops Held:

    • Co-creator workshop of Christ. 2007
    • MTSIFA  Students – painting on environment. 2006
    • Childrens Art. Dreaming in pictures, Local and international schools. 2006
    • SAFI Childrens Group – Pictures on culture, adolescence, health, Aids and its impact: How to curb it. 2007 
Staff in the Department:
  Prof. Ssengendo P.N.  
  Dr. Kizito Maria Kasule (PhD)   kizitomaria@yahoo.com
  Namono Catherine (PhD -candidate)   catherine@rockart.wits.ac.za
  Kabiito Mutagejja Richard (PhD –Candidate)   rkmutagejja@sifa.mak.ac.ug
  Ifee Francis Xavier   ifeefrancis@yahoo.co.uk
  Banadda Godfrey


  Mrs. Maria Alawua Openyto   malawua@sifa.mak.ac.ug
  Odama Jacob   jacobdama@sifa.mak.ac.ug
  Mubiita Stephen   smubiita@sifa.mak.ac.ug
  Mrs. Edopu Nabuyungo Ritah   ritah@sifa.mak.ac.ug
  Amanda Tumusiime     
  Nathan Kiwere   nathanwer@hotmail.com

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