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Research Projects
  Diad research
Design, Community and Health. England African Partnership (EAP) –in collaboration with Faculty of Technology
Community Oriented Practical Training in Arts and Design (COPTAD)
Higher Education Link (HE) Project
Gender and Development (GAD) Project
The need for Pottery Education Centers in Uganda.
Transformation in Pottery Education Production and Use in Nkore Southwestern Uganda.
Continuity and Change in the design and function of the Lubugo (bark cloth) in Buganda, Southern Uganda.
Contemporary Art in Uganda: Nexus between Art and Politics
Appreciated, production and improvement of Art/Craft and Culture by MTSIFA, Makerere University.I@mak.com. 
Collaborative field research on craft industry under the higher education link with Middlesex University sponsored by DFID, managed by the British Council.
Contemporary Art in Uganda: Nexus between Art and Politics.
Design ergonomics:Computer Aided Design (CAD) as a collaborative tool for increased productivity in Small Scale Enterprises (MSEs).
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