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The Department of Industrial Arts and Design came into existence when Margaret Trowel School of Industrial and fine Arts was granted a faculty Status in 1996
.It is the goal of the Industrial Art and Design Department to educate students to identify and resolve design problems — innovatively and with sensitivity to the social, physical, and ecological environment. Students learn the traditional values of industrial design and Art, and, while building an awareness of processes and materials, gain an in-depth understanding of 2D and 3D visual vocabulary.

Design applications and other digital media programs are also taught un the department. Using this language, they analyze and solve diverse design problems from technical, aesthetic, social, and ecological viewpoints. In the studio, students progress from developmental drawings, through 2D and 3D mock-ups and models to working drawings and construction with communication and manufacturing considerations.

The curriculum is structured so the skills of drawing, communication, presentation, and model making are taught as an integral part of the design studios.
A number of elective courses in graphic design, adveristising design, typography, design computing, business administration, jewellry design, ceramics, print making and illustration are offered to students majoring in Industrial Design.

Responding to steady growth and interest in this area, these courses expose students to a broad range of topics and issues. Students are afforded the opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of design process, materials, and construction practices. Innovation is stressed, along with the ability to refine formal design issues. The department has a history of working on collaborative projects with departments within and outside the school. Design, Health and community Project, The COPTAD project, Designers' without bounderies in collaboration with Faculty of Technology, have worked with Industrial Design and Art department faculty and students on various projects. There are also numerous opportunities within the program for students to work with industry through industrial training during their study. Diversification within the curriculum prepares students to enter the field of design at either an industrial or entrepreneurial level.

The department is devoted to the study of relevant design practice nationally and internationally.


Aims and Objectives:

    Promoting Industrial Art and Design based on current needs of the society by:
  • To develop and promote unique for production of representational and non-representational form of art

  • To enable students acquire knowledge and skills in various methods and materials employed in sculpture

  • To incorporate design in all areas of sculpture while being sensitive to the user i.e. furniture design, Interior design, wood stained glass and metal fabrication

  • To create sculptures that address the need of society

  • To enable students perceive, analyse, explore and interpret various forms in nature using elements of art



1 Senior lecturer, 6 Lecturers, 5 Ass. Lecturer, 2 Teaching Assistant, 3 Studio Assistant


Workshops Held:

  • Team Outreach Workshop and Rural Craft Practice and HIV/AIDS Awareness, May 2007
  • The “Mind Map of Stripes” Textile Design Workshop. April 2007
  • Reality and the Imagination photography Workshop, May 2006
  • Community Oriented Practical Training in Arts and Design (COPTAD), Workshop. March 2005
  • Shibori – Monoprint Textile and Photography Workshop, January 1999
  • Development, Production, Marketing and Improvement of Art and Crafts practices workshop. April 1999
  • Textile Design and Production, Presentation and Marketing Workshop, August 1997
Staff in the Deparment:
  Dr. Kivubiro  Tebawebbula (PhD)  kivubiro@sifa.mak.ac.ug
  Dr. Katatumba Kwesiga Philip (PhD)  pkwesi@sifa.mak.ac.ug
  Dr. Nakazibwe Venny (PhD)  vnakazibwe@sifa.mak.ac.ug
  Dr. Yiga (PhD)
  Kakande  Angelo (PhD _candidate)  angelo@sifa.mak.ac.ug
  Lubowa Paul  lpaul@sifa.mak.ac.ug
  Kanuge John Bosco  jbknauge@sifa.mak.ac.ug
  Sematimba Joseph  jsemat@sifa.mak.ac.ug
  Mukasa Wanyana Josephine  josephinemukasa@sifa.mak.ac.ug
  Nakisanze Sarah  nskisanze@sifa.mak.ac.ug
  Ndagire Esther Kavuma  endagi@yahoo.com
  Nsereko Raymond  nsereko@yahoo.co.uk
  Sserunkuuma Bruno  brunose@sifa.mak.ac.ug
  Banga Simon   bangasimo@yahoo.com
  Serunjoji Patrick   serundungu@yahoo.com
  Kimani M.  
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